Aqua Detox Foot Bath

Surround your feet with billions of ionizing water molecules that rid accumulated toxins from your entire body to leave you in absolute bliss!

detox foot bath

Our Aqua Detox Foot Bath is the most powerful system available to achieve two important goals: rebalancing your body’s bio-energy field, and stimulating your body for self-detoxification. Your vital organs will function more efficiently after your feet soak in an electromagnetically charged bath. Surround your feet with billions of ionizing water molecules and your entire body with peaceful, stress-eliminating splendor.

An Aqua Detox Foot Bath at Detox Lounge provides a number of therapeutic benefits. It boosts energy, reduces fatigue and rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit after just one 30-minute session. How does it work? Your feet have thousands of nerve endings and eccrine sweat glands, as well as countless arteries and veins, all of which make them a natural gateway to eliminate toxins. By electronically stimulating the feet in a relaxing foot bath, toxins that have built up in your joints, muscles, fatty tissue and brain are released and filtered by your lymphatic and immune systems.

Remember, a foot bath does not “cure” anything. It simply aides the body in balancing its bioenergetic fields which in turn stimulates detoxification. When the electromagnetic fields are in balance, your body’s organs will naturally function more efficiently. Each individual’s body is unique, and just as your reaction to certain medications may different from somebody else’s, your reaction to the Aqua Detox Foot Bath system may be different as well. Much depends on your current level of toxicity, but most Detox Lounge customers report noticeable changes after just five or six sessions. Changes we hear most often include increased vigor, increased feeling of well-being, enhanced cognition, improved mood, and reduced joint pain.

Typically, we recommend one of two different courses of treatment with the Aqua Detox Foot Bath: once a week for six weeks, or twice a week for three weeks. Often, a maintenance program of one session per 30 or 60 days is sufficient. Most often, each client can dictate their schedule based on how they feel.

We do recommend there be at least 48 hours between sessions, and we always remind clients to drink plenty of water during and after each session in order stay hydrated.


Single Package

$40 one-time
  • 1 Foot Bath
  • Free Juice Sample

Multi Package

$100 one-time
  • 3 Anytime Foot Baths
  • Free Juice Sample
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