Infrared Sauna

When your body sweats, it eliminates itself of toxins naturally. Experience a more vibrant body and more vibrant life when you experience the natural cleansing of the Infrared Sauna at Detox Lounge. Infrared Saunas are an integral part of our approach to total body detoxification, helping ensure that your body receives all the benefits of natural sunlight while eliminating the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. Plus, they provide a relaxing experience to help you escape the everyday stresses of a hectic lifestyle.

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Aqua Detox Foot Bath

Reduce fatigue and rejuvenate your body with an Aqua Detox Foot Bath that completes every detoxifying visit to the Detox Lounge in San Diego. An Aqua Detox Foot Bath provides unique therapy by surrounding your feet with billions of ionizing water molecules, and your entire body with peaceful, stress-eliminating splendor. In only 30 minutes, your body will feel recharged as toxins are eliminated and you allow yourself to slow down and enjoy a reinvigorating escape from your fast-paced world.

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