Master Weight Loss Cleanse

Our Master Weight Loss Cleanse Combines Properties Of Specialized Teas, Fruits & Vegetables To Induce Nutritious Weight Loss To Support Your Goals!

Detox Lounge Master Weight Loss Cleanse The Detox Lounge’s Master Weight Loss Cleanse program tackles obesity at its core. Many weight-loss programs claim to shed inches from your waistline. The Master Weight Loss Cleanse helps you condition your body to keep the weight off by acclimating it to a healthier diet rich with essential minerals and nutrients necessary to help you reach your ideal weight.

Our Master Weight-Loss Cleanse caps your daily intake at 500 calories and consists of five different low-calorie teas with designated elixirs to help speed your metabolism, burn fat and detoxify your body all at once.

Master Weight-Loss Cleanse Ingredients:

Tropical Heat (Click For Details)

Modified from our extremely popular Juice Cleanse, jump-start your metabolism, burn fat, de-calcify, reduce inflammation and clean your digestive tract.

Consists of lemon, pineapple and cayenne pepper, raw honey and fulvic acid.

Vitality Splash (Click For Details)

Boost your metabolism, purify your body and load up on antioxidants that help combat free radicals of everyday stress.

Consists of schizandra berry tea, lemons, Fruits of the Earth by HealthForce Nutritionals, raw honey and ionic trace minerals.

Blue-Green Goodness (Click For Details)

Cleanse your system with super-clean bio-available protein for an added energy boost, while harmoniously detoxifying your entire body.

Consists of gynostemma tea, AFA blue-green algae,  and ionic trace minerals.

Bloom Berry (Click For Details)

Inject a large dose of Vitamin C into your body while providing antioxidants that promote optimal cell detoxification and renewal, protection and skin beautification.

Consists of hibiscus flower, Truly Vitamin C by HealthForce Nutritional, elderberry tea and raw honey.

Chai Coconut Bliss (Click For Details)

Relax and fulfill your body’s craving to feel cleansed, restored and complete.

Consists of chai tea, coconut milk, maca root, lucuma and fresh ginger.


1 Day Detox

$60 one-time
  • 1 Day Set
  • Total of 6 Juices

3 Day Detox

$175 one-time
  • 3 Day Set
  • Total of 18 Juices
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