Juice Cleanse

Our Fresh Pressed 3 Day Juice Cleanse Will Awaken, Energize, Fuel, Motivate, Satisfy and Restore Your Body!

Detox Lounge San Diego Juice Cleanse

The Detox Lounge total body detoxification Juice Cleanse leans heavily on nutrient-rich juices of fruits and vegetables. Conveniently packaged in six individual bottles that are time-stamped for morning, afternoon and evening consumption, our 3 Day Juice Cleanse makes it easy to soak up more minerals and enzymes in one day than the average person ingests in an entire year.

Many traditional juice cleanses are time-demanding and messy, requiring users to purchase not only fruits and vegetables, but also a juicer. Then, you must embark on a series of trial-and-error concoctions to create juices that suit your taste. The Detox Lounge Signature Juice Cleanse does the work for you, providing a daily series of six delicious organically raw juices that are packed with the highest quality detoxifying minerals and nutrients.

As you enjoy our 3 day juice cleanse program, your daily intake will follow a structured, easy to remember schedule:

8 am: Awaken My Body (Click For Details)

Energize and detoxify your body with a rejuvenating morning wake up call.

Consists of carrot, pineapple, green apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon.

10 am: Energize My Body (Click For Details)

Enjoy a refreshing, strengthening drink loaded with the vegetables your body needs for a boost of protein.

Consists of green apple, cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, mint, collard.

12 pm: Fuel My Body (Click For Details)

Soak up a delicious “salad in a bottle” for lunch and get all the essential nutrients your body needs for a mid-day boost.

Consists of cucumber, celery, spinach, romaine, green bell pepper,  fennel,  parsley, lemon.

2 pm: Motivate My Body (Click For Details)

Enjoy an explosion of antioxidants and a burst of vitamins to get you through the afternoon lull.

Consists of carrot, cucumber, celery, green apple, beet.

4 pm: Satisfy My Body (Click For Details)

Fight the late-day stress with a drink packed with Vitamin C and other nutrients that help stave off those caffeine cravings.

Consists of cucumber, green apple, romaine lettuce, spinach, grapefruit.

6 pm: Restore My Body (Click For Details)

Wind down and build up your immune system with a drink designed to help release bad fats from your body.

Consists of carrot, sweet potato, red bell pepper, beet, cucumber, ginger, lime.


1 Day Detox

$75 one-time
  • 1 Day Set
  • Total of 6 Juices

3 Day Detox

$225 one-time
  • 3 Day Set
  • Total of 18 Juices
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