Detox Lounge

Detox Lounge is a new and fresh kind of Holistic spa; a place to experience a well-rounded, cleansing and purifying body detox that goes beyond traditional juice cleanses. Infrared saunas, foot detox baths, word and music infused juices made from the purest ingredients, and a raw-food-regimen-made-simple combine to create results for the best cleanse detox in San Diego!

Juice Cleanse

If you want your skin to glow, to lose weight without starving, and to feel energized and motivated, then you need to jump start your body with our 1 or 3 day detox Infused Renaissance Juice Program. Not only will you feel amazing, but each day of juices are packed full with 15-20 pounds of organic, raw fruits and vegetables, providing more nutrition, minerals and enzymes (the work force of the body) than the average American consumes in a year’s time.


Infrared Sauna

The Infrared Sauna is a core component in the Detox Lounge approach to a healthier and more vibrant body and life. Not only does it offer all of the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without any of the dangerous effects, but it provides excellent detoxification by allowing the body to sweat and eliminate most toxins naturally.


Detox Foot Bath

The Aqua Detox Foot Bath is a unique therapy that gives a usable energy boost to the body that rounds-out the Detox Lounge experience. In only 30 minutes, the foot bath can remove fatigue and rejuvenate while eliminating toxins from your body. When you surround your feet with the ionization of billions of water molecules, your body relaxes and a peaceful state takes over.


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