Radiant vs. Convection: Beat the Heat in an Infrared Sauna

Radiant vs. Convection: Beat the Heat in an Infrared Sauna

Steam and hot rock saunas have long had their place in the echelon of luxury spa services, but they haven’t come without complaints.

The most common gripe? They’re too hot!

While that complaint might sound funny, it’s true. Both steam and hot rock saunas deliver heat that utilizes the principles of convection heat. In short, they heat the air inside the sauna, and that hot air heats the surface of the skin. Typically, saunas reach temperatures of 160 degrees and up, a taxing level for many people.

Then along came the far infrared sauna, and the sauna industry has never been the same since. Infrared saunas, such as those offered at the Detox Lounge in downtown San Diego, utilize radiant heat, which heats the interior of a sauna and is absorbed by the body. Because it is a different process of providing heat to the body, temperatures are typically set 30 to 60 degrees cooler than in a traditional unit.

The heat from infrared saunas actually penetrates deeper into the body, prompting a heavier sweat that rids your body of more of the harmful toxins that pollute your system. And because it does it without dialing up the thermostat to 160 degrees, vital organs such as your heart and lungs are spared the stress and strain that a traditional sauna puts them through.

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